Severe Weather Homework

This page will be updated if for any reason school is closed. If you have internet access you can always practise singing our phonics and number songs on this blog. Here are some things you could do.
1. Make your own flashcards or snap to practise your words.
2. Practise writing your numbers and letters.
3. Read some books.
4. Tidy your bedroom! Keeping things tidy helps us to be organised. I will tidy mine too.

If this ever happens I will post more specific work.

Snowy Day Homework for Primary 1
If school is closed again due to the bad weather, here are some ideas for you to work on so that your brains don’t switch off! Remember, it is better to do a few pieces of work very well, than do all the pieces rushed and messy.

Practise your numbers –
• Say them forwards, then backwards
• Draw and write the number
• Make a number line
• What is the number before/after
• Count out objects and say how many
More ideas –
• Find shapes around your house
• Sort shapes into groups
• Count the coins in your piggy bank – what different ones
• Sing some number songs e.g. 5 little ducks
• Play a maths game online (if you can)
• Draw a pattern
• Write number names
• Play snap

• Learn your sounds
• Write sounds and draw pictures to go with them
• Practise spelling. Tricky words and common words
• Write a rainbow sound
• Write a sound in shaving foam
• Sing the alphabet song
• Sing your jolly phonics songs
• Make a sound from play dough

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