Examples of Active Literacy

Reading Strategies

Writing Strategies

Socks inspired work

We are confident readers.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
C is for Cookie

Fairyland!Reading and Writing with Peter and Jane

Common words Tumble TowerSpelling pairs – We can learn together

Spelling pairs from Mary Jalland on Vimeo.

Before we write a sentence we need to be able to say a sentence. This is Mrs Downie’s fabulous class.Colourful semantics

We know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.Using the outdoors to inspire storytelling
Listening to the outdoorsThe class wrote a story after visits to Westquarter glenMaking fairy houses to prepare for story writing

Halloween (Unleashing creativity!)
Comparing 2 Stories

Retelling a Story Using a Dictaphone

Interpreting a description

Big Questions

Sorting Fiction from Non-fiction

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